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Course on European Project Planning - Kurz európskeho projektového riadenia, Eurofondy, Fondy EÚ

Paneurópske centrum postgraduálno-odborného rastu (PECPOR)

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The practical course on European Project Planning helps organisations increase their efficiency rates, raise the percentage of successful projects and create a strong European partnership for future collaboration.

The focused training approach and the tutors’ first-hand experience in European Project Planning optimize the time and efficiency of searching the right European funding. The top experts will pave the way for the interpretation of the documents and for developing an effective project idea.

During the intensive training course the EU project planning experts will help the participants develop a practical strategy for the concrete project initiatives to use maximally and most effectively the EU financial support.

The Course offers a perfect combination of the theoretical and practical approach in learning a new skill of the European Project Planner.

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Day 1

During the first day of the course, the participants will learn the general information on the European Union concerning the budget distribution, EU policies, Europe 2020 strategy, main European programmes for 2007–2013 period and upcoming programmes for the next seven years (2014–2020) which will finance new projects. The trainees will gain the practical knowledge of searching the right call for their project idea by using the official European Commission website.

Day 2

During the second day of the course, the participants will:

  • learn the terms and definitions necessary to understand the call documentation
  • get the general idea of the Project Life Cycle and all the stages of the project development, understand what happens to the project proposal when it is in Brussels and learn about all the procedures of its evaluation;
  • learn how to work with the application package: understanding the call for proposals, using the guide for applicants, choosing the right information from the annual work programme and filling in the application form;
  • learn the secrets of the successful European Partnership building: which instruments to use when searching partners for the project proposal, how to detect a reliable partner, how to maintain the partnership if one partner decides to withdraw at the last moment, how to create a geographically balanced consortium and what partners to choose according to the priorities set by the European Union;
  • study a successful project proposal and understand the key strategies used for its creation.

Day 3

During the third day of the course, the participants will:

  • learn how to use the online systems for electronic proposal submission;
  • study the second case of a successful project proposal
  • participate in the Workshop 1. During the session the participants will work in a group to pursue a step by step project creation: reading and understanding the call, formulating a successful and innovative project idea, choosing the right partners for the consortium, defining a strategy for the project creation, simulation of filling in the application form and related documents.

Day 4

During the fourth day of the course, the participants will learn how to calculate the budget for their project proposals and how to fill in the relative Excel tables. Working in a group during the Workshop 2 the participants will have gradual tasks and thus fill in the budget sheets. This step by step work will lead them to the total calculation of the project costs for the successful and balanced budget creation.

Day 5

During the fifth day of the course, the participants will assist to a one-day practical workshop (Workshop 3) and will work in small groups. Each group will work independently and simulate the creation of the project proposal. The tutor will give all the necessary support to lead them through the whole process of the project drafting.

Cieľová skupina

Public officials, entrepreneurs working in the area of EU fund project planning, or graduates aiming at gaining practical skills for such position; university students requiring such training for their studies or future career.

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Vitaly Dmitriev, MSSc.
+421 949 483 069